Staff Favourites

We recently asked our staff to tell us the last book they had read AND loved.

Tim read AND loved He by John Connolly.


He is Stan Laurel and in this biographical novel you feel as if you are treading the boards of vaudeville and wandering the film sets of the ever evolving Hollywood. What shines is his friendship with ‘Babe’ – Oliver Hardy – and the drive that led them to a beloved place in cinema-goers hearts.

Sara read AND loved Rain Dogs by Adrian McKinty.

rain dogs

Crime fiction is my holiday from literary fiction, but Adrian McKinty’s crime series is anything but light. McKinty has created a flawed and complex character in Duffy. His books are set in Northern Ireland in the 1980s with a background of real events: IRA hunger strikes, the bomb attack on Thatcher and so on. Not just an engaging mystery, they are a broader look at the social, political and historical issues of the time.

Nell read AND loved SPQR by Mary Beard.


Beard’s writing is very engaging and completely submerges you into the time of the Roman world. She also discusses historical figures and the debates surrounding them in order to turn them into more 3-dimensional characters. I also loved that she explored more alternative themes like gender and class.

Bronwyn recently read AND loved The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree by Shokoofeh Azar.


Azar has given us a classic story of good and evil. Her words are fluid as is her approach to time and truth. Belonging, love and loss are the major themes while the search for solace is the main concern for her characters. Given the horrific events that occurred during the Iranian Revolution, it is easy to understand why and how an author would choose to wrap these unreal events up in mythology. When the real world you live in suddenly gets turned on it’s head, sometimes the only response is imagination and the only hope is magic.

What have you read AND loved recently?

Philip, Libby, Sylvia & Charlotte’s picks will be revealed soon!

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Local Business Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2018 Inner West Local Business Awards!

The public now have the opportunity to nominate their favourite local businesses in a selected category.”

To vote for Brays Books please click on this link to our Inner West Local Business Awards page.


Voting is open until the 24th April, 2018.

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Slow Reading

Many of you may have heard of the slow movement, especially as it relates to food, parenting and travel, but in recent times, slow reading has been added to the list of things to enjoy in a more leisurely fashion.

Slow reading is related to ‘deep reading’ or ‘close reading’ which is often encouraged in academic circles as a way to ‘fully comprehend and appreciate a complex text’ (thank you Wikipedia).


However, the recent slow reading approach is more about savouring the experience of reading. As our days and years spin by faster and faster and our daily lives get cluttered with digital technologies, many people are looking to take back their time – to slow down, unwind and disconnect from their devices.

I’m currently participating in a slow reading readalong. With a group of fellow bloggers and tweeters, we have undertaken to read Victor Hugo’s classic Les Miserables – all 365 chapters – one chapter a day throughout 2018.

It has been a fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable experience so far.

Some of the chapters are only one or two pages long. It has been an exercise in self-restraint and patience to not read ahead. The advantage of these shorter chapters, though, is that if you miss a day, it’s easy to catch up.

Most of the readers involved have read the book before or have at least seen the stage production or one of the movies. A few, like me, have never seen or read any version of the story.

Slow reading has allowed all of us to savour Hugo’s language, research and discuss archaic French terms and compare translations. All the nuances of character development and plot are teased out. Understanding and empathy for each character is being fully realised. Those who know what’s coming up appreciate the set up, as those of us with very little foreknowledge, experience the thrill and shock of new discoveries.

Most of us (participating in the #LesMisReadalong) generally read more than one brief chapter a day, so we have found that we are supplementing our one LesMis chapter with bio’s on Hugo, French history books, other translations and a few brave souls are even tackling some of the chapters in French. The intellectual stimulation is amazing!

We have quickly discovered that there is an art to slow reading.

  • Pick a time of day that works best for you is important so that you don’t feel rushed.
  • Create a little ritual (read over breakfast on your front porch, with your morning coffee or snuggled up in bed late at night) to make the time feel special.
  • Switch off devices and take a slow, deep breath to clear your head space of any clutter before starting.
  • Read some sections aloud to really savour the language.
  • Make notes of any unusual words, poetic phrases or curious titbits.
  • Allow connections and deeper meanings to evolve.
  • Explore symbolism, themes, foreshadowing and other literary devices.
  • It’s the journey, not the destination.
  • Linger, delve, meander, luxuriate, play, relish…

But the best thing I have found so far about slow reading, is that it feels good. Really, really good.

It’s not too late to join in.

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Macquarie Dictionary Word of the Year

Last week we heard that the Macquarie Dictionary Committee’s Choice for Word of the Year 2017 went to…


Perhaps, like me, you were a little puzzled, out of the twitter loop, and left wondering what on earth was a ‘milkshake duck’ and how would I ever use this new word in a sentence! Except I just found a way 🙂

The People’s Choice for Word of the Year 2017, however, might be more your style (it was the word I voted for anyway).


For a full list of the shortlisted words click on the link at the beginning of the post. Which one would you have voted for?

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Meet the Author – Luke Slattery

Tuesday 21st November at Brays Books

6:30pm for a 7pm start

$12.50 of $10 for Brays Loyalty Members

luke slattery

Luke Slattery is a Sydney-based journalist, editor and columnist. His work has appeared in The Australian, The Age, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian Financial Review. Internationally he has been published at The New Yorker online, the LA Times, the International Herald Tribune, the UK Spectator, and the US Chronicle of Higher Education. 

Slattery is the author of four non-fiction books: Crisis in the Clever Country: Why Our Universities are Failing (with Geoffrey Maslen), Dating Aphrodite: Modern Adventures in the Ancient World, Reclaiming Epicurus: Could an Ancient Philosophy of Happiness Save the World? and  The First Dismissal.

Mrs M is his first foray into historical fiction and already a strong staff favourite. His publishers, Harper Collins have said it is,

a bravura literary achievement, a rich and intense novel of an imagined history of desire, ambition and dashed dreams, and a portrait of one passionate, unforgettable woman – Elizabeth Macquarie.

Elizabeth Macquarie, widow of the disgraced former Governor of New South Wales, Lachlan Macquarie, is in mourning – not only for her husband, but the loss of their shared dream to transform the penal colony into a bright new world. Over the course of one long sleepless night on the windswept isle of Mull, she remembers her life in that wild and strange country; a revolution of ideas as dramatic as any in history; and her dangerous alliance with the brilliant, mercurial Francis Greenway, the colony’s maverick architect.

A stirring, provocative and thrilling novel of passion, ideas, reforming zeal and desire.

mrs m

Don’t miss out on our final Meet the Author event for the year.

Call our friendly staff on 9810 5613 to reserve your seat.


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Meet the Authors

John Lyon & Sylvie le Clezio chat with Philip Bray
Tuesday, November 14th
6:30 for a 7:00pm start


Balcony Over Jerusalem: A Middle East Memoir tells the story of John, Sylvie and their son, Jack’s six years living and working in Jerusalem.

John is a three times Walkley Award winning journalist who has worked as a foreign correspondent for The Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald. His TV credits include Sunday and Four Corners.

Sylvie is a film maker, producer and director. Her photographs grace the center pages of the book. Together they contributed on the 2014 Walkley winning Four Corners program, Cold Stone Justice. John and Sylvie also received three United Nations Human Rights Awards during their time in Jerusalem.

John’s outspoken and candid reporting on events in the Middle East has surrounded him in controversy and earned him many critics determined to discredit his opinion.

Tickets: $12.50 or $10 for Brays Loyalty Club Members.

Call to book your seat on 9810 5613.

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Meet the Author – Scott Bevan

Scott Bevan – journalist, author, TV presenter, playwright and musician.

scott bevan

Sydney Harbour is one of the world’s greatest and most beautiful bodies of water.

Scott Bevan has explored its many coves and bays by kayak, yacht and barge, gathering our Harbour’s stories. He has talked to boat builders, fishermen, ship’s captains, historians, divers and environmentalists. The result is a beautiful, authoritative, meditative journey – and of course, the Balmain Peninsula features prominently!

The Harbour: A City’s Heart, A Country’s Soul is due for release on the 1st November with Simon & Schuster, Australia. We can’t wait to see the final product!

Scott has worked in newspapers and television for 32 years. From 2005 to 2016 he was with the ABC, working on the 7:30 report, ABC News, ABC Local Radio and as Moscow Correspondent.

He is the author of four books: The HunterBattle Lines: Australian Artists at War, Water From The Moon: A Biography of John Fawcett and Bill: The Life of William Dobell. His documentary work includes Oll: The Life & Art of Margaret Olley and The Hunter. He is now a musician.

On Wednesday 1st November, Scott will be chatting with Philip Bray about his new book, The Harbour, his career and his music.

Time: 6:30pm for a 7pm start

Cost: $12.50 or $10 for Brays Loyalty Club members. Finger food and drinks provided.

Tickets: available in store, or call (9810 5613) or email

download (1)

In the bestselling tradition of Peter Ackroyd’s The Thames, a celebration of one of the world’s great waterways. 

Everyone knows Sydney Harbour. At least, we think we do.

Everyone can see the harbour, whether they have ever been to Sydney or not. By as little as a word or two, the harbour floats into our mind’s eye. The Bridge. The Opera House. Fireworks on New Year’s Eve. When we see those images, we feel a sense of belonging. No matter who we are or where we’re from, we see the harbour and we feel good.

In this beautiful, authoritative and meditative journey, Scott Bevan takes us from cove to cove, by kayak, yacht and barge to gather the harbour’s stories, past and present, from boat builders, ship captains and fishermen to artists, divers, historians and environmentalists, from signs of ancient life to the submarine invasion by the Japanese.

This is the ultimate story of Sydney Harbour – a city’s heart and a country’s soul.

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Meet the Author – Sulari Gentill

Sulari Gentill
Tuesday, October 3rd
6:30 for a 7:00pm start


Sulari Gentill is best known as the author of the award winning Rowland Sinclair Mysteries, a series of historical crime novels set in 1930s Australia. Gripping, beautifully written and deeply researched, they follow the exploits of one Rowland Sinclair, youngest son of a wealthy high society family; an artist and a gentleman, possessed also of a significant talent for scandal. As well as this, she is the author of the Hero Trilogy, a fantasy adventure series for teens.

Sulari’s newest book, Crossing the Lines, is a literary crime novel  that has been described as “a shining (and refreshing) example of meta-fiction at its best.” The novel is an intricate, postmodern piece of storytelling that blurs the real and the fictional.

Sulari set out to study astrophysics, though graduated in law, and later, as she says “abandoned her legal career to write books instead of contracts.” She lives with her family on a small farm in the Snowy Mountains, where she grows truffles and breeds miniature cattle.

I, personally, am a huge fan of the Rowland Sinclair books. You can see my responses as I read each book on my ‘at home’ blog, Brona’s Books.

Hope to see you all on Tuesday evening for a scintillating chat about books, crime, art, the 1920’s and fine food!

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Meet the Author at Brays

Following our hugely successful evening with Michael Brissenden – we have another fabulous author event coming up on Tuesday, September 19th!

Tania Blanchard
6:30 for a 7:00pm start


The origin story of Tania’s novel, The Girl from Munich, is hinged on a series of very fortunate discoveries. The first is Tania’s discovery of a collection of letters belonging to her grandmother, telling of her life in Germany during the second world war, and her eventual emigration to Australia; the fascinating true story on which Blanchard would base her historical fiction novel.

Then, the discovery of the manuscript of the novel itself, by an editor at a writing masterclass Blanchard was attending; they were so taken by it that they decided not only to publish it, but to offer her a deal for a second book as well.

Tania currently lives in Sydney with her family. Following a career in physiotherapy, she has returned to her passion for writing, and is looking forward to delving further into her interests of history and family stories. She is currently working on the sequel to The Girl From Munich, set in 1950s Australia.

Tickets are $12.50 or $10 for Brays Loyalty club members.

Book your ticket in store, by calling 9810 5613 or emailing


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Special Story Time Event

Speech Pathology Week is coming up on the 20-26th August. The aim of the week is to not only promote the work of speech pathologists but to ensure that communication is a basic human right for everyone. Each year, during this week, they also announce the winners of their best books for language and literacy development in children across a variety of age groups.

To celebrate this announcement we’re hosting, along with Let’s Connect Speech & Language Pathology, Balmain, a free story time at Brays Books at 10am on the 21st August.

If you would like to attend please leave a comment below or call us on 9810 5613 to reserve a spot for your child/ren.

Tips for successful communication*

  • Always treat the person with the communication disability with dignity and respect
  • Be welcoming and friendly
  • Understand there are many ways to communicate
  • Ask the person with the disability what will help with communication
  • Avoid loud locations, find a quiet place
  • Listen carefully
  • When you don’t understand, let them know you are having difficulty understanding
  • If you think the person has not understood, repeat what you have said or say it a different way
  • Try asking the person yes or no questions if you are having difficulty understanding them
  • Ask the person to repeat or try another approach if you don’t understand
  • To make sure you are understood, check with the person that you have understood them correctly
  • If you ask a question, wait for the person to reply
  • Allow the person time to respond, so always be patient
  • Speak directly to the person and make eye contact. (Though be mindful that there are some people who may not want you to look at them, e.g. some people with autism spectrum disorder)
  • Speak normally. There is no need for you to raise your voice or slow your speech.

*Source: Adapted from SCOPE, Communication for All Bookletwww.

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