The Stella Prize Longlist 2019

We love a good longlist at Brays. The anticipation! Waiting and wondering to see if any of our staff favourite’s will also get the nod from the award judges. Last night the Stella Prize announced their longlist for 2019. We were thrilled to see four of our staff favs (so far) on it.

Libby enjoyed The Death of Noah Glass, Sylvia has been recommending Eggshell Skull to everyone for the past few months and Bronwyn loved The Arsonist and The World Was Whole.

Have you read any of this year’s Stella longlist?

stella longlist 2019

The Stella website stated the longlist of

twelve books cover sexual assault, arson and its consequences, parental neglect, issues of mental health, dysfunctional and complicated family life, chronic illness, and inherited pain. Each is concerned with the most important questions of how to live now, and writers demonstrate first-rate critical thinking capabilities, tremendous imagination, and a readiness to take risks with form.

The shortlist will be published on the 8th of March, with the overall winner will be announced on the 9th April 2019.

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