Staff Favourites

We recently asked our staff to tell us the last book they had read AND loved.

Tim read AND loved He by John Connolly.


He is Stan Laurel and in this biographical novel you feel as if you are treading the boards of vaudeville and wandering the film sets of the ever evolving Hollywood. What shines is his friendship with ‘Babe’ – Oliver Hardy – and the drive that led them to a beloved place in cinema-goers hearts.

Sara read AND loved Rain Dogs by Adrian McKinty.

rain dogs

Crime fiction is my holiday from literary fiction, but Adrian McKinty’s crime series is anything but light. McKinty has created a flawed and complex character in Duffy. His books are set in Northern Ireland in the 1980s with a background of real events: IRA hunger strikes, the bomb attack on Thatcher and so on. Not just an engaging mystery, they are a broader look at the social, political and historical issues of the time.

Nell read AND loved SPQR by Mary Beard.


Beard’s writing is very engaging and completely submerges you into the time of the Roman world. She also discusses historical figures and the debates surrounding them in order to turn them into more 3-dimensional characters. I also loved that she explored more alternative themes like gender and class.

Bronwyn recently read AND loved The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree by Shokoofeh Azar.


Azar has given us a classic story of good and evil. Her words are fluid as is her approach to time and truth. Belonging, love and loss are the major themes while the search for solace is the main concern for her characters. Given the horrific events that occurred during the Iranian Revolution, it is easy to understand why and how an author would choose to wrap these unreal events up in mythology. When the real world you live in suddenly gets turned on it’s head, sometimes the only response is imagination and the only hope is magic.

What have you read AND loved recently?

Philip, Libby, Sylvia & Charlotte’s picks will be revealed soon!

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