What are We Reading?

It’s official!

Reading books is Australia’s most enjoyable leisure activity.

A recent survey showed that ‘reading books’ rated well ahead of ‘browsing the internet’, ‘watching tv’ and ‘creative craft’.


The top 4 reasons given for reading were:

  1. For relaxation
  2. To learn
  3. The drama of good stories
  4. To become immersed in another world

Crime/mystery/thriller is the most popular fiction genre for nearly half of Australian readers. While a third enjoy reading historical fiction, contemporary fiction and science fiction/fantasy.

Autobiography, biography and memoir are the most widely read non-fiction books – read by up to 45% of Australians. These are followed by cook books at 37% and history & humour books at 28%.


And how did people find out about books?

66% said ‘word of mouth’ and 53% said ‘browsing in bookshops’. Obviously there is an overlap there!

Speaking of word of mouth (ho ho) we would love you to recommend Brays to your friends so we can bring the enjoyment of books to still more people.

Happy reading!


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One Response to What are We Reading?

  1. Yay! We are hoping to move to Australia in the next couple of years so this makes me happy! 🙂

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