Womankind Magazine

The latest edition of Womankind magazine is now in store.

Womankind is a beautiful, thought-provoking, Australian-made, ad-free magazine.

We love the cover reveal each quarter.

Which country will we travel to? Who will Charis Tsevis feature on the front?


Womankind #10 Tiger is based in Vietnam and features the art of Lim Khim Katy.

Tagged ‘How Do You Measure Your Life?’ this issue focuses on boredom, technology and consumerism.

Combined with articles, photography and art from Vietnam, the wonderful folk at Womankind have given us another treasure to savour over the coming summer months.


Womankind #9 Caballo gave us the life and art of Leonor Fini along with an armchair trip to Argentina.

Fini was the first woman to paint a male nude, Sphinx Amalburga.

Covering such diverse topics as Che Guevara, cowboys and the Falklands War it also contained stunning photography and artwork from Fini as well as Ruben Cukier and Sofia Bonati.

A few of the backlist editions of Womankind are still available at Brays for $14.95.


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