Local Author – Caroline Beecham

It’s always very exciting for us when we see one of our loyal customers produce their first novel. Recently Caroline popped in to sign copies of Maggie’s Kitchen, her fabulous new historical fiction title.


Amid the heartbreak and danger of London in the Blitz of WWII, Maggie Johnson finds her courage in friendship and food.

They might all travel the same scarred and shattered streets on their way to work, but once they entered Maggie’s Kitchen, it was somehow as if the rest of the world didn’t exist.

When the British Ministry of Food urgently calls for the opening of restaurants to feed tired and hungry Londoners during WWII, Maggie Johnson seems close to realising a long-held dream.

Navigating a constant tangle of government red-tape, Maggie’s Kitchen finally opens its doors to the public and Maggie finds that she has a most unexpected problem. Her restaurant has become so popular that she simply can’t find enough food to keep up with the demand for meals.

With the help of twelve-year-old Robbie, a street urchin, and Janek, a Polish refugee dreaming of returning to his native land, she evades threats of closure from the Ministry. But breaking the rules is not the only thing she has to worry about. . . as Maggie fights to keep her beloved Kitchen open, she discovers that some secrets have the power to change everything.

Caroline became interested in the how and why of British Restaurants – the ‘paddock to plate’ style of eating – that was encouraged during WWII. The more she researched, the more she realised that stories about our former eating habits could inform our current discussions about health, food and the environment.

You can read an excerpt of Maggie’s Kitchen via Allen & Unwin here.

An Afterword also contains many of the recipes mentioned throughout the story.

For more details on Caroline’s research and her book, visit the website here.

Maggie’s Kitchen is also featured in a Blog Tour hosted by Allen & Unwin. To see the latest stage of the blog tour visit Tracey @Carpe Librum who has cooked one of the recipes in the book here.


Signed copies are now available at Brays for $29.99.


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