Staff Favourites – Sara

Over the coming months we plan to share with you some of our staff favourites.

This week Sara takes us through a few of her favourite picture books – new releases and old friends.


Bee – & – Me
A Story about Friendship by Alison Jay (2016)

Alison Jay creates wordless children’s books – the illustrations tell the story. Her latest book, Bee – & – Me is the tale of a bee which flies into a little girl’s bedroom in a city apartment building on a summer’s day. She feeds it sugary water to revive it (after trapping it under a glass and making it VERY unhappy) and then releases it. But after a thunderstorm that night a very bedraggled bee returns to her window and moves in.

A magical story unfolds, in which the girl and the bee become the best of friends, until a time comes when the bee becomes homesick and has to leave. Its parting gift is a lesson in how to bring all the other bees and butterflies bees to her home.

This is a book which is suitable for the very young up to 6 or 7 years of age. Every reader will create their own story from the charming illustrations while learning how to care for bees.


Words by Kelly DiPucchio. Pictures by Christian Robinson. (2014)

Once upon a time there was a family of French poodle puppies: Fi Fi, Foo Foo, Ooh-La-La and Gaston. They were precious puppies, the size of teacups, they yipped and never yapped … except for Gaston who was the size of a teapot and whose yip was more of a RUFF! One day in the park they met a family of French bulldog puppies: Rocky, Ricky, Bruno and Antoinette, and strangely, Antoinette looked just like a poodle puppy.

This is a story about a mix-up, not knowing where you fit in, being yourself and being accepted by the people who love you, and it’s as light and sweet as a profiterole. I have fallen in love with it and one of our customers even shed a tear after she read it.

Suitable for 2 years and up and the young at heart.

Miss Lily's

Miss Lily’s Fabulous Pink Feather Boa
Margaret Wild and Kerry Argent (1998)

Miss Lily – of the eponymous feather boa – runs the Tropical Holiday House way Up North where the hibiscus flowers are as big as dinner plates. Despite being a very large crocodile Miss Lily is a charming and thoughtful host, and in the evenings she dances the tango for her guests, with a fabulous pink feather boa swept around her neck. When a small and rather sad guest, the Last Potoroo , arrives to stay Miss Lily taker her under her arm and makes her feel like she can do anything, with a little dash of wisdom along the way. The Last Potoroo leaves the Tropical Holiday House with a very special farewell gift to help her find what she’s looking for.

This is an old family favourite – suitable for 3 years and up.

What has been your favourite picture book to share with your family?


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