Book Launch for Circle

Last week Bronwyn attended the launch of Jeannie Baker’s latest picture book, Circle.

Jeannie is one of the many very talented artists who we are delighted to claim as ‘local’. Her last picture book, Mirror featured many local scenes including our iconic terrace houses and the Anzac Bridge.

Circle sees Jeannie return to one her enduring and most popular themes – the environment. We follow the story of the bar-tailed godwits from their home in southern Australia and NZ to their feeding grounds around the Yellow Sea and onto their summer home in Alaska.

Destruction of the wetlands of Southeast Asia for land reclamation and development means that migrating shorebirds like the godwits are finding it harder and harder to find places to rest and feed on their epic journey around the world.

Jeannie tells the story of the godwits via her gorgeous, detailed collages.

These beautiful collages are on display at the Australian Maritime Museum until the end of July before beginning their own migration around various museums and galleries in Australia (click here for details).

Circle is one of our ‘special’ offers this month.

RRP is normally $27.99. But for one month only you can snap up Circle at Brays for $23.99.


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