Books and their films

one hundred foot journey filmone hundred year old manA few years ago I wrote an article for The Independent Book Guide about the high percentage of films which are based on books.

I was reminded of this when visiting The Dendy cinema last weekend and discovered that two of the most entertaining books I have read in recent years are coming as films. The two stories are so good that the films cannot fail to delight but I very much doubt whether they could match the books!

‘The One Hundred Foot Journey’ is the story of an immigrant Indian family who settle in a quaint village in Southern France. Papa decides to open an Indian restaurant to the horror of Madame Mallory who runs a Michelin starred French restaurant directly opposite. Papa’s son, Hassan, is a natural cook and it his father’s turn to be horrified when he turns to French cuisine. This truly delightful story has humour, food, romance and the reluctantly growing respect between the culinary combatants. By all means see the film but I definitely urge you to enjoy the book.

I can’t imagine that all the wonderful scenarios in ‘The One Hundred Year Old man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared’ could be fitted into one film. Centenarian Allan Karlsson escapes his 100th birthday party and falls into bad company. The series of unlikely and hilarious characters and situations which follow are matched only by Allan’s past life. Almost everyone who has bought this book comes back and buys a copy for a friend. Again, by all means see the film but…….!

Good reading, Philip.



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