Michael Palin, Philip Bray and travel talk

Philip Bray and Michael Palin

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Palin on Monday night. He is in Australia to promote his wonderful book and BBC TV series, both titled ‘Brazil’. I am delighted to report that the warm, witty, observant, thoughtful, interested Michael Palin you see on screen is exactly the same Michael Palin in person!

I mentioned to Michael that I had never been to Brazil apart from walking a few kilometres around the Amazing Iguazu Falls. On hearing this he realised that I had probably travelled from Argentina and immediately wanted to hear about that country and my experiences. Warm, friendly, interested!

Michael’s book, which is just $45, has certainly persuaded me that I want to go to Brazil and I hope I have persuaded him to travel to Argentina. So if his next travels are in Argentina remember, you heard it here first!


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One Response to Michael Palin, Philip Bray and travel talk

  1. Mat says:

    I heard he’s a very nice bloke in ‘real’ life, but i lied and told my girlfriend that he’s an absolute ******* because she likes him!! Fantastic series though as always is the way with Michael Palin and i might get my girlfriend the book, to make up for my little lie 🙂

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