Two great sailors – Flinders and Pellew

It’s a great month for sailors, real or wannabee, with these two fantastic biographies now available. You might not be familiar with Edward Pellew but he is thought to be the inspiration for Jack Aubrey in Patrick O’Brians wonderful ‘Commander’ series of novels and the subsequent ‘Commander’ film starring Russell Crow. An incomparable seaman Pellew started at the very bottom of the Navy and became Fleet Commander. Stephen Taylor tells the amazing story of this engaging and inspiring man in ‘Commander: The Life and Exploits of Britain’s Greatest Frigate Captain’. It is in hardback at $39.95.

Matthew Flinders was another extraordinary seaman, an exceptional navigator and cartographer who was inspired to ‘go to sea’ after reading ‘Robinson Crusoe’ as a boy. Rob Mundle’s biography of him, ‘Matthew Flinders: The Man Who Mapped Australia’, is both fascinating and exciting. The chapter on Flinder’s shipwreck off the Queensland coast and subsequent perilous voyage back to Port Jackson in a small cutter is enough to convince that they were a special breed of men back then! This book is one of our 20% OFF titles so we currently have it for sale at $39.95, a saving of $10 on the recommended price.

I understand that not all sailors are of the calibre of Pellew and Flinders. Do you have any humorous stories of sailing misadventures?


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