Rod Stewart, Pete Townshend, Prince, Neil Young and John Lennon

What do these 5 people have in common? Obviously they are all musos but they also all have books recently written by them or about them.

‘The John Lennon Letters’ is edited and introduced by Hunter Davies, a well known journalist and biographer. He has tracked down 300 of Lennon’s letters and gives the background to them all. Quite a few of the letters are reproduced showing Johns handwriting and his quirky little illustrations. Rod Stewart, Pete Townshend and Neil Young have all done surprisingly revealing autobiographies which will fascinate their fans. Matt Thorne has done enormous research in writing his biography of Prince and it shows. Alexis Taylor in reviewing this book wrote, ‘…the definitive work on the man. I am listening again to every piece of his music with renewed enthusiasm’.

Each of these legends has a huge and devoted following. So which is going to be the best-selling music book this Christmas? None of the above. One Direction is/are definitely top of the pops currently at Brays Books. I wonder if they will enjoy the musical longevity of the ‘old boys’.

Music is enormously important to individuals and societies being something which can be enjoyed as a solitary pursuit or with a crowd. Just today Sue and I had the delight of attending Jazz in the Park in Balmain. Gladstone Park was covered with people of all ages enjoying music together- it was wonderful.

Last Sunday Sue and I went to The Bald Rock Hotel in Rozelle to listen to some Blues. The place was packed! On guitar was Mark Williams who has been teaching local kids the guitar for yonks so lots of the now grown up kids were there and their parents too. Doing a wonderful job on drums was local girl Katie Glendenning whose Dad I played tennis with back in the 1960’s. It was another wonderful example of music pulling a community together.


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