‘Mrs Queen Takes The Train’

Imagine the Queen taking it upon herself to catch the train to Edinburgh by herself while wearing a borrowed hoodie with the skull and crossbones on the back. What a delightful picture that evokes, the Queen no longer instantly recognisable but looking like a rather eccentric old lady!  This is the platform, pardon the pun, for a delicious book aptly titled ‘Mrs Queen Takes the Train’.

The obvious potential for gentle humour is fully realised but there is more to this story. Initially only six people know that HRH has disappeared. They include two of the trusted household members, Luke, a young equerry fresh from the battlefields of Afghanistan, Lady Anne, a lady-in-waiting, plus Rebecca who minds the horses at the Royal Mews (it is her hoodie which the Queen has borrowed) and Rajiv an Etonian working in a cheese shop.

As the search for HRH unfolds these characters interact and we get quite a moving exploration of the concepts of duty and friendship at different levels. To sum up, a lovely novel full of humour and also thought-provoking. I should mention the author, William Kuhn!

BONUS! With each copy we have a delightful coffee mug to give away – while stocks last of course!


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One Response to ‘Mrs Queen Takes The Train’

  1. queenwilly says:

    How delightful. One of my very fave books is Tohby Riddle’s “The Royal Guest” – sounds just like this.

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