Playing with titles of Oz classics

Caught some of Richard Glover’s afternoon show on ABC702 yesterday – wish I had more time to listen to radio. He is asking people to suggest variations on the titles of classic Australian books along with a brief description of the ‘new’ book.

Among the ones that caught my ear were; ‘A Fortunate Wife’ which came from 2 people one of whom suggested it as the title of a Rose Hancock biography, ‘Loudstreet’, ‘The Fatal Snore’, The Carp in The South’ and ‘The Summer of The Seventeenth Toll’ which will relate to the planned increase in NSW’s toll motorways. I’m sure you can think of various storylines for the other suggestions.

By the way, ‘A Fortunate Life’ is one of my favourite ever books. It is at the same time a wonderful personal story and a great sweep of Australian history from the 1890’s to post WW2. Because the author, Albert Facey, learned to read and write as an adult it is quite simply written but this makes the story all the more powerful

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3 Responses to Playing with titles of Oz classics

  1. queenwilly says:

    “A Little Welsh Maid”, the Julia Gillard biography.

    • I like that, thanks queenwilly. The Little Bush Maid and the rest of the ‘Norah of Billabong’ books were favourites of mine as a young boy. In fact I’m pretty sure that Norah was my first love! Philip.

  2. queenwilly says:

    I’ve never read A Fortunate Life – even though it’s on my bookshelf. Now I will. Thanks Philip!

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