It has long been our policy at Brays to offer a great selection of top new releases at 20% off the recommended retail price – we believe in service and value! As we add newer arrivals older titles revert to recommended prices so check out our displays regularly to make great savings. Our current 20% off titles are pictured here with brief notes about them. ‘Gough Whitlam: His Time’ by Jenny Hocking is both important and absolutely fascinating to anyone with an interest in politics/history. There is no question that the the Whitlam years of government, which this book covers, were extraordinary times. Whitlam came to power with a Cabinet which was inexperienced after so many years in opposition leading to failures as well as triumphs. And then there was the dismissal and here, as elsewhere, Hocking has uncovered new material. The recommended price is $49.99, our 20% OFF PRICE is $39.99.

We always feature a selection of the best new crime/mystery novels in our 20% OFF titles. In Lee Child’s ‘A Wanted Man’ his favourite character, Jack Reacher, is back and he has some unfinished business. Being Jack he soon runs into other people’s business as well and we get more wonderful suspense from a wonderful craftsman. Recommended price is $32.95, our 20% OFF PRICE is $26.36! ‘The Geneva Trap’ is another terrific spy thriller from Stella Rimington, the former head of MI5 – no wonder her stories ring true! The recommended price is $29.99, our 20% OFF PRICE is $23.99!

‘Death By Beauty’ is the latest Gemma Lincoln story from award winning Australian writer Gabrielle Lord. We have a serial killer, a cosmetic surgery clinic which might be involved in a lethal cover-up and a woman threatening both Gemma and her ex, Steve Brannigan. Lord really knows how to build suspense and this is a spell-binder. Recommended price is $32.99, our 20% OFF PRICE is $26.39! In ‘The Vanishing Point’ by Val McDermid a child is abducted from a busy airport while his care is held in on e of the new glass inspection boxes. Absolutely gripping. Recommended price is $32.99, our 20% OFF PRICE is $26.39!

We have three wonderful, and very different novels at 20% off at the moment. Ian McEwan’s novels are always eagerly awaited and ‘Sweet Tooth’ is a deft and witty story of intrigue and love. The recommended price is $32.95, our 20% OFF PRICE is $26.36! Marian Keyes writes A grade chicklit, highly entertaining reading to relax with! ‘The Mystery of Mercy Close’ centres on Helen, the youngest of the Walsh sisters who have featured in Keyes’ earlier novels. She is a private investigator – largely because she has been sacked from every other job she has ever had! Recommended price is $29.99, our 20% OFF PRICE is $23.99! Sebastian Faulks is a wonderful writer and and ‘A Possible Life’ is a dazzling journey across continents and time. Recommended price is$32.95, our 20% OFF PRICE is $26.36!

‘The Guinness World Records 2013’ is full of fascinating facts. Some of them are silly and fascinating, some scientific and fascinating and many astonishing and fascinating. It is hard to resist dipping in to it!  Recommended price is $42.99, our price is just $ 32.99 – that’s a saving of nearly 25%!

I think you will agree that is an interesting range to choose from. Of course we have hundreds of other new releases available!

AND COMING SOON:  J.K. Rowling’s darkly comic novel for adults will be published on the 27th. Recommended price is $39.99 , our 20% OFF PRICE will be $31.99! Also coming soon is Salman Rushdie’s memoir “Joseph Anton’. Recommended price is $35, our 20% OFF PRICE will be just $28!

Good reading, Philip.

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