Louise Fulton-Keats new book: the launch

   Philip and Louise

It would be all too easy to rave about the fabulous setting for the launch, right on the harbour overlooking the Harbour Bridge, and the food, catering by Aria and Louise’s mum Suzanne Gibbs, but the real story is Louise’s wonderful new book ‘Cooking For Your Baby and Toddler’. So what could be special about yet another book on this subject? Lots! For a start Louise is eminently well qualified to write such a book being a qualified nutritionist, a mum of two toddlers, a Cordon Bleu chef and coming from a legendary family of foodies. Then the the fact that Louise really researched the nutritional needs of children consulting with Dr Peter Campbell, one of Australia’s leading paediatricians, and Kay Gibbons, Dietician at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, among others. Then came the great design work done by the team at Hardie-Grant Publishers so that all the information is contained in a beautiful, easy to use, profusely illustrated book which I believe  is now absolutely the best available. If you know anyone who has a baby or a toddler you could not give them a better gift!

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