Michael Brissenden and his book ‘American Stories’

Michael in Washington

In July 2009, Michael Brissenden traded political reporting in Canberra for a job in Washington as US current affairs reporter for the ABC. Some years earlier he had traded working for Brays Books to go to the ABC, a fact which is not mentioned at the front of the book.  No doubt an unintentional oversight! I doubt if Michael still wears the red winklepicker shoes he sported at Brays, not just shoes with a sharp point but with very turned up toes! If he does still wear them he will  it seems still be in fashion as I turned up hundreds of winklepicker designs for sale with a quick search! Michael was studying at The College of Arts when he worked with us and was a very talented potter. I still have a lovely coffeee mug he made. But I should be writing about his book ‘American Stories; Tales of Hope and Anger’. Arriving in the USA in 2009 he has seen the GFC hit the country and watched America’s first black President in action and as ABC correspondent he  has had the freedom to travel and observe extensively. Michael writes with a humour I remember well and with a breadth of political reporting behind him and gives a vivid picture of the USA of today. Well worth reading! Philip Bray.


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One Response to Michael Brissenden and his book ‘American Stories’

  1. michael brissenden says:

    Philip, thanks for your kind words and the memories. i think the winklepickers were white though.

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