Michael Robotham’s new Mystery and a great story

Michael Robotham

I attended the launch of Michael Robotham’s fantastic new crime/mystery novel, ‘Say You’re Sorry’, last night. It is due in store today. Michael told a very touching story. As a boy growing up in Gundagai he was a great fan of the books of the American author Ray Bradbury. He had four books but was having trouble getting the other five. So Michael naively wrote to ‘Mr. Ray Bradbury, Random House, New York’. Some months later a parcel arrived with the five wanted books and a note from Ray saying how thrilled he was to have such a keen fan on the other side of the world. Last year Michael wrote an article for a U.S. newspaper recounting this story and how he regarded Ray as his ‘writerly father’. Ray’s daughter saw the article and read it to her now blind Dad. She then rang Michael to say that on hearing the article he cried and asked her to phone and tell Michael that he was ‘my son’. Michael then sent Ray audio versions of his books. He also planned to visit Ray this year but sadly Ray died in June last year. There were more than a few tears in the room!


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One Response to Michael Robotham’s new Mystery and a great story

  1. What an extraordinary story – and how incredibly general of Ray Bradbury. Such humility. I really appreciate you passing this on.

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