A nice thankyou

Johanna Nicholls

I had a lovely email from Johanna Nicholls recently. Johanna is the author of ‘Ironbark’, a best-seller in Australia and Germany’ and the recently published ‘Ghost Gum Valley’. Both books are really good reads in the Australian historical fiction genre. Johanna wrote, ” Dear Philip, In company with many Australian authors I have a great deal to thank you for concerning the support you give our work. I really appreciate your mentioning my name to Sarah Fitzgerald and her story on ‘Ghost Gum Valley’ will appear in The Balmain Village Voice. Long before my first book, ‘Ironbark’, was published you gave me an invaluable interview about agents and publishers and the book world. As a result you were the first person to make me feel like a real author. Again my sincere thanks, Johanna.”

It is very rewarding to have the support we at Brays give to Australian authors recognised. We are of course delighted to give such support because we can only marvel at the wealth of writing talent we have in this country. Philip bray.


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One Response to A nice thankyou

  1. queenwilly says:

    Well done Philip!

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