Philip Bray and Barbara Horgan are still excited!

Philip Bray

I was chatting with Barbara Horgan of Shearer’s Bookshop at a trade function a few weeks ago. As is often the case our conversation centred around the St. Kilda AFL team and books. It is likely that you don’t share the lifelong devotion to the Saints that Barbara and I have so I’ll go straight to the book bit.We were talking about forthcoming books and books we had advance proofs of that we wanted to read. We were both bubbling with excitement and  almost talking over one another in our enthusiasm. Finally I said to Barbara, “Isn’t this wonderful and amazing.”  And it is. I have been a bookseller for over 43 years and Barbara for 26 years – she is much younger than me! After all those years we are still excited! Excited because there are always wonderful new authors coming on, excited because favourite authors have new books coming and excited because we learn so much from reading both novels and non-fiction books.Of course we do sometimes have reading disappointments – those are the books we and our staff don’t recommend to you.But the disappointments are far outweighed by the never-ending discoveries to be had in the wonderful world of books.


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2 Responses to Philip Bray and Barbara Horgan are still excited!

  1. White Fox says:

    You and Barbara are very fortunate to have found such satisfying work but I bet there is a lot of hard slog as well, rather like the graceful swan paddling like mad under the water. We fellow book people are happy to share your excitement!

    • Yes you are correct White Fox, there is a lot of paddling under the water. As in many other jobs there is a lot of yard yakka and long hours along with frustrations which hopefully don’t show on the floor of the shop! Happily the books and our wonderful customers make it all more than worthwhile. Philip.

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