Missed author now found

Gillian Flynn

Last week I wrote about ‘missing’ an author – and ‘finding’ her.

I was scrolling through some bumpf and came across this quote, “The plot has it all. I have no doubt that in a year’s time I am going to be saying that this is my favourite novel of 2012. Brilliant.” When Kate Atkinson, an author, reviewer and person I admire immensely, writes this I take  notice!  The book Kate was praising is ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn.

A little more research revealed many other great reviews. A. N. Wilson said, “”Gone Girl’ is  superbly constructed, ingeniously paced and absolutely terrifying.” The Kirkus reviewer, “One of those rare thrillers whose revelations actually intensify its suspense instead oif dissapating it. The final pages are chilling.” Karen Slaughter wrote, “Gillian Flynn has has placed herself at the top of a short list of authors who have mastered the art of crafting a tense story with terrifyingly believable characters.” Scott Smith, “The writing is jarringly good, and the story is well….amazing.” Tana French, “‘Gone Girl’ is one of the best and most frightening portraits of psychopathy I’ve ever read. Nick and Amy manipulate each other with savage, merciless and often darkly witty dexterity. This is a wonderful and terrifying book…….” .

Needless to say I ordered three of Gillian’s titles for stock and can’t wait to read her!


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2 Responses to Missed author now found

  1. N Rogers says:

    Well, I’d also read that it was an amazing book, listened to the audio book excerpt on the radio show “Book Report”, but nowhere had anyone made it out to be quite as terrifying as Wilson’s review. Being new to trying out thrillers, I’m a bit wary now (scary cat, I know)! Maybe my man can read it first-he knows me well enough to know if I’ll enjoy it.
    Now that I don’t belong to a book club anymore(kids happened!), I try to catch the show I mentioned, to keep on top of what’s out there. I thought other avid readers, who don’t have time to read every book that catches their eye, may enjoy getting a basic outline of the handful of books they showcase every week. The schedule and radio stations airing the show can be found on their site(bookreportradio(dot)com), as well as recordings of past shows. It’s a handy tool for the busy mom.
    Thanks for your feedback-I think I’ll probably end up reading it.

    • Thanks for the information re “Book Report”. I’m now three-quarters through “Gone” and it is terrifying in the sense that it shows how a marriage can be destroyed through lack of thought, then through barbed comments and deceits and how one partner can view an incident in a completely different light to the other. Other crime/mystery books can be terrifying in the graphic detail of violence they give but this one, so far, is more a psychological study and indeed I don’t yet know if there has been a murder, only that the wife is missing! Pity about the bookclub, we’ll try to put you in touch with some good reads!

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