Just one sentence to win hardback copies of Patrick White!

Patrick White

Patrick White rates as one of the greatest novelists of all time and you have just 5 days left to give yourself the chance to win two of his finest novels , “Voss’ and ‘The Vivisector’, in hardback! All you have to do is write the opening sentence for a novel or short story (you don’t have to write like Patrick) which includes the words ‘white’ and ‘hanging’.It’s that simple! This is a fun competition so you can write in or out of any style you like .Entries close at midnight on Sunday, July 8th.

Philip Bray.P.S. I would rate ‘The Vivisector’ as one of the 10 best novels I have ever read.


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5 Responses to Just one sentence to win hardback copies of Patrick White!

  1. Denise Davies says:

    If I had been born white I would not now be impaled on an iron fence, my push-bike hanging from a neighbouring spike.

  2. Maggi Nimmo says:

    Something was hanging in the tree, I saw a shadow . The shadow was not hanging but moving along the ground. The dawn was close and the grey first light had summoned a wind. The shadow danced below the fluttering rags tangled in the water sodden tree. I closed my eyes and saw white light flash through my bruised head.

  3. John Lanigan-O'Keeffe says:

    Read Gertrude Atherton’s rose-festooned romance “Rezanov”, Hector Chevigny’s adventure story on the same subject, “Lost Empire” and Anatole France’s “Thais”, listen to Massenet’s opera “Thais” and Rybnikov’s rock opera regarding Rezanov, “Juno and AVOS”, compare each scene and each character to those in “Voss”, especially note the similarities in names, and wonder if White won the Nobel Prize the easy way.

  4. Philippa Yelland says:

    Kiefer Sutherland grimaced as he read his lines and then smiled at the sweet irony of playing Patrick White in John Collee’s biopic – that opened with mule-mounted Hertel Duffield lurching into the mallee, wandering lost, crazed, finding Voss crow-picked hanging from two branches – and so the younger Sutherland texted the older for help with mimicking White’s infamously sour mouth, thin like a piece of fence wire.

  5. queenwilly says:

    When Stuart White’s house first docked with mine I was on the back verandah, hanging out my washing.

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