The Picador Countdown. Number 6.

Emma Donoghue

Picador’s best sellers: Number 6. ‘Room’ – Emma Donoghue.

Like so many best selling books ‘Room’ has had and continues to have a lot of ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations. It is a novel that makes you think and gives you a different slant on something you probably hadn’t previously wanted to consider too closely.

The premise of ‘Room’ is indeed horrible –  a woman and Jack her 5 year old son, who has known no other world, are held prisoner in a single room. However Donoghue largely tells the story through Jack’s artless 5 year old eyes and concentrates on  the loving, but far from soppy, relationship between mother and son rather than on their awful captor. In doing so she transforms what could have been a prurient horror story into a tale of resilience and salvation.

‘Room’ was long-listed for the 2010 Booker Prize and has led to spirited discussion in many a book group!

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