The Picador Countdown. Number 8……..

Brendan Cowell and Rose Byrne

Picador’s best sellers: Number 8. How It Feels – Brendan Cowell.

Where does Rose Byrne fit into this blog? Well, I want to tell you about the connection between Rose and Brays Books. But first, Brendan and his best-selling book!

Brendan is one of those people who are astonishly muti-talented. As well as being a noted actor he is also a playwright, a director and now an acclaimed author.

‘How It Feels’ is a funny, brutal and tender coming-of-age novel set in the Sutherland Shire and branching out to Bathurst and London. Neil, two of his mates and his girlfriend are contemplating the future not knowing that in just ten years one of them will be dead, one famous and two married. Cowell powerfully conveys the beauty of growing up near the beach along with the darkness which can exist beneath the surface.

Why Rose Byrne? Because we have fond memories of her. Rose grew up in Balmain and, along with the rest of her lovely family, was a regular at Brays. She was a delightful girl with an ever present and beautiful smile. After she finished studying Rose applied to work at Brays and we would have happily employed her but then her acting career suddenly took off and, as they say, the rest is history. I rather think she earns a little more money in films than she could have in the bookshop!

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One Response to The Picador Countdown. Number 8……..

  1. Soxy says:

    Hi Philip, what a lovely blog story – the book sounds interesting – I will be coming in to order my copy!

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