The Picador Countdown: Number 9…….

Markus Zusak

Picador’s Best Sellers. Number 9.The Messenger – Markus Zusak

We keep this novel in our Australian Fiction section but it is also suitable for mature teenagers and in fact won The Children’s Book Council’s ‘Book of the Year’ Award in 2003. It is the story of Ed Kennedy a down-and-out, underage taxidriver. Ed accidentally foils the escape of a bank robber and is hailed as a hero. Shortly after he receives from an unknown source an Ace of Diamonds card. On the card is a list of good deeds for Ed to perform – after all he is a hero! There is a real twist to the ending.

Markus ZusakĀ also wrote “The Book Thief”.

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2 Responses to The Picador Countdown: Number 9…….

  1. Justin says:

    Love this book. Very different to The Book Thief, but I really felt a connection with the characters. I thought he balanced the touching with the genuinely hilarious exceptionally well.

    I actually wrote about this a couple of years back:

    • Thanks Justin, I liked your review of ‘The Messenger’. I am enjoying doing the Picador Countdown. There is such a wide range of books in the list and some have surprised me with their position!

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