Win Patrick White classics in hardback!

We have, courtesy of Random House Publishers, two of Patrick White’s greatest novels in hardback to give away. They are “Voss’ and ‘The Vivisector’. I haven’t read ‘Voss’ but ‘The Vivisector’ would rank among the top 10 novels I have ever read! White of course is the only Australian to win The Nobel Prize for Literature.

We thought we would have a fun competition with the winner receiving both books. You could add them to your library or give them away as wonderful gifts!

Random House recently published White’s last, uncompleted novel ‘The Hanging Garden’. White’s literary executor Barbara Mobbs first read the manuscript in January 2011 and said, “I’m extremely nervous about posthumous publishing, which I don’t usually admire. But this is up to a very high standard and even though it is only part one, it is complete in itself. I have no doubt it deserves to see the light of day”.

So, to the competition. What we want you to do is write the opening sentence for a novel or short story which contains the words ‘white’ and ‘hanging’. No, you don’t have to write like Patrick White! This is a fun competition so you can write in any style you like. The entry I enjoy/admire the most will be the winner.

Entries must be submitted via Brays Books Blog and close at midnight on Sunday July 8th. The winner will be announced soon after!

– Philip Bray.


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One Response to Win Patrick White classics in hardback!

  1. White Fox says:

    Here are 2 ‘first sentences’. The second one is firmly in the spirit of this being a fun competition!
    # It was one of Florrie’s few remaining pleasures and she smiled at the sight of her dazzlingly white sheets hanging and flapping on the old clothesline.
    # Hanging on every word the man called ‘White Fox’ devoured “The Hanging Garden’ from the pen of Patrick White.

    Do I get extra marks for using ‘hanging’ and ‘white’ twice in the one sentence?

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