Win Brays Books Vouchers!

We would love to have more comments/feedback from our readers so each month we are offering one $50 and two $30 Brays Vouchers for the best comments of the month.

What sort of comments? Pretty much anything. If we review a book you might want to tell us about a previous book by the same author. You might like to suggest that we talk about more books from a particular category. You could tell me how handsome I am, however that is guaranteed not to be a winner as we do value sincerity at Brays! You might……well anything that jumps into your mind as a result of reading our blogs or visiting our shop.

And yes, you can post more than one comment – the more the merrier!

We look forward to hearing from you!


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One Response to Win Brays Books Vouchers!

  1. I am a lawyer. One would think therefore that I would read lots of books. However, I have to read so many documents for work (all day, every day) that I find reading for leisure difficult. Often, I find myself speed reading a novel or checking it for mistakes. I have not yet finished one book for 2012 (which is appalling). I am currently on holiday in Sydney and went to Brays Books as I stay in Balmain when I visit here. The staff are always very courteous and helpful although I think they dread me when I ask the question ‘what book should I read’. They reply ‘which genre? what type of book do you like? My answer is inevitably ‘I don’t know’. So yesterday, I took the plunge and made the decision myself. Steve Hely – How I Became a Famous Novelist. I’ll let you know how I go.

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