The Beginner’s Goodbye by Anne Tyler

One of the many advantages of working in a bookshop is the advance reading copies that the publishing houses often send us.

This month I had the pleasure of reading Anne Tyler’s latest book. It’s due for April release through Random House for $29.95.

In the past I have found Tyler’s novels a bit hit and miss. Some I love; some are just so/so. But I always start one of her books with anticipation and hope.

The Beginner’s Goodbye sounds like a ghost story when you read the back cover. Aaron, a middle-aged publisher, is being haunted by the ghost of his recently departed wife. But there’s a twist – other people can see her too.

So I was a little perplexed as I began reading to discover that this was not a ghost story at all.

Aaron is haunted by his wife and memories of their marriage and how she died.  But this is a tale of how Aaron comes to terms with his grief, makes peace with his memories and finds a way to move forward with new understanding and compassion. 

For lovers of Anne Tyler this is a must-read. She writes with elegance and simplicity. The Beginner’s Goodbye is a hauntingly beautiful tale of love, loss and grief.


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