Lost Treasures – the perils of Christmas

Every Christmas there are some real treasures which get ‘lost’. Some are simply overwhelmed in the flood of books and others get delayed and arrive in the last day or so. I thought I’d mention a few as they would make wonderful birthday gifts!

The Time Comprehensive Atlas of The World is a superb reference volume – sadly it arrived only 3 days before Christmas! It sells at $295 and is worth every cent.

We have one copy (of only 1400 worldwide) of The Norton Facsimile The First Folio of Shakespeare. It is derived from the renowned Folger Shakespeare Library Collection. It is big, beautiful, superb and fascinating volume and I think it is a real bargain at $215.

Rather less esoteric are two music books with CD’s. The Golden Age of the Blues with 20 classic blues tracks and The Golden Age of Jazz with 20 classic jazz tracks. Full of great photos they are only $39.95 each.

I was really keen to have Penguin Coffee Mugs for Christmas but due to a series of mix-ups, Murphy’s Law in full flight, they also arrived late. The images on them are of the classic Penguin cover style and include The Big Sleep, A Room of One’s Own, The Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice, Man and Supermanand Bonjour Tristesse among others. They are just $16.95 each – something a little different for a literary friend. If you want more fun than literature we also have a Where’s Wally Mug at $12.95!


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