Book prices are down or should that be down,down,down!

The downward trend on book prices which we noted last year is, happily, continuing apace.

The popular trade format (they’re the big ones) in fiction and crime/mystery fiction has dropped by 10 to 25%! This time last year books in this format were coming through at $32.95/99 in the main. This year most are down to $29.95/99, $27.95/99 and $24.95/99 – that’s great news. There are still some coming at the higher price but that is because of contractual committments with some authors.

We are seeing similar drops in price pretty much across the board. Beautifully illustrated food books which would have been $59.95 or even $69.95 are coming in at $49.95. We have magnificent Art and Design books which have dropped from $99.95 to $$69.95! There has never been a better time to be a booklover!


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2 Responses to Book prices are down or should that be down,down,down!

  1. white fox says:

    It is good to see book prices dropping. Mind you I’ve always thought books were good value and found over the years that most books I bought were about the same price as a main course at a half decent restaurant. While I do like eating out but I can’t say that for the price of a book there have been many memorable main courses whereas I’ve enjoyed many a memorable book! Also I’ve bought quite a few Vintage Classics at $12.95 and Popular Penguins at $9.95 over the last 6 months. Pretty good value compared to a coffee and cake!
    By the way it is not all about price. Brays has wonderfully helpful and pleasant staff so I’ll keep coming back. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks White Fox for your comment about the staff here at Brays. I do put a lot of effort into choosing and training staff and the current crew are exceptionally nice and talented people who care about books and our customers – I’m glad that it shows. I actually get stopped in the street quite often by customers who want to tell me how good my staff are and I have to say it is very gratifying. As I often say to the staff, “It doesn’t matter how much else we get right, if we don’t give people the best possible service it is all a waste of time and effort”.
      Thanks again, Philip.

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