Andre Brink

SBS2 recently ran a documentary on Andre Brink, a very fine writer and a very brave man.

I had the pleasure of talking with Andre some time ago. He was a strong opponent of apartheid and hence was the target of many threats. His home was firebombed and his dogs killed and through it all he stayed in South Africa writing beautiful and powerful novels which were banned in his homeland.

Andre writes beautiful sentences and what struck me powerfully in conversation was that he speaks the same way. Beautiful, perfectly formed sentences flow from his mouth and this in English which is his second language!

Having been reminded of his wonderful writing I have arranged for three of his novels to come in from overseas. Look out for them, they will be in the ‘Our Staff Recommend’ section. The titles are; ‘Dry White Season’, ‘Looking On In Darkness’ and ‘Rumours of Rain’ – all excellent.


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