Books, tennis and calendars

My initally reluctant return to work this year has now been transformed to great enthusiasm as I have looked at the wonderful books which are in the pipeline.

March brings a great array of established and exciting new fiction writers, lots of fascinating non-fiction and stacks of treats for kids of all ages – something for everyone!

I’ve now almost completed the buying for April releases and am well into the May lists and they are really exciting. And, would you believe, I’ve had the first of the 2013 calendars shown to me!

I’m heading off tonight for a tennis weekend with some mates. After that you can expect lots of interesting news – about books, not tennis! Actually ‘tennis weekend’ is a bit of a misnomer as half my mates are currently off  the court with various hips, shoulders and other assorted injuries. We will still have a good weekend – hope you do too!



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One Response to Books, tennis and calendars

  1. queenwilly says:

    Have fun Philip!

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