Philip’s Favourite Books of 2011; International fiction

When God Was A Rabbit – Sarah Winman. There is a surprise or a shock  on almost every page of this quite remarkable novel. It is the story of Elly, her brother Joe and her best friend Jenny Penny as they grow up, and apart and together. Beautifully written.

A Visit from The Goon Squad – Jennifer Egan. The winner of this year’s Pulitzer Prize for Fiction is a novel of great verve and virtuosity. From the 1970’s to the not too distant future we follow Bennie Salazar, an ageing music mogul,  and Sasha his PA on their journeys through childhood, parties, careers and lovers. Brilliant and inventive!

The Language of Flowers – Vanessa Diffenbaugh. An incredibly moving love story full of moments great humour, great pathos and great beauty. Victoria Jones knows a lot about grief, mistrust and solitude but little about love. She does know the about the language of flowers and it is with this that she and Grant reach out to each other. Wonderful! (also available on CD).


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One Response to Philip’s Favourite Books of 2011; International fiction

  1. Novel Girl says:

    I’ve heard so many amazing reviews on the first and last books — not as many for the Goon Squad one. Isn’t it a wonderful world when we have too many books to choose from?

    Sounds like Diffenbaugh and Winman are the novels for me in early 2012.

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