Philip’s Favourite Books of 2011; Australian fiction

Past The Shallows – Favel Parrett. This remarkably assured first novel is about two brothers growing up in Tasmania. Favel deftly captures the harshness and beauty of life in a harsh and beautiful place. You will want to hug and protect young Harry. You will laugh and you will cry.

Sarah Thornhill – Kate Grenville. Here Kate picks up the story of one of the characters from her acclaimed The Secret River. She again beautifully evokes the places and times of early European settlement in Australia and illuminates the strictures and challenges faced by young women in that society. 

All That I Am – Anna Funder. This story centres around five people living in London in the 1930’s, having fled Nazi Germany. It is a great story set in engrossing times and I was completely involved from the first page. Two of the characters are based on real people one of whom migrated to Australia and was known to the author.


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