The Favourite Books of 2011

Every year we booksellers await with interest and with some trepidation the publication of “favourite books of the year” lists. Trepidation because inevitably someone will nominate a book which has been out of print for 10 years and that  is frustrating for readers and booksellers alike.

Happily the favourites from The First Tuesday Book Club are all available – and all good choices! They were: My Family and Other Animals (Gerald Durrell), Gilgamesh (Joan London), There Should Be More Dancing (Joan London) and The Marriage Plot (Jeffey Eugenides).

We thought it would be helpful this year to publish our own lists. My staff and I read a great many books in the course of a year so our “favourites” have to be really special – and of course we know they are still available #. We start today with Sophie’s list and we’ll add others through the week to help with Christmas buying and for your own reading pleasure.

# There is always the chance that stock could become unavailable in the last days before Christmas.


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