I was Mighty Mouse. You Tarzan?

Stieg (Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) Larssen’s long term partner, Eve Gabrielsson was asked recently, “If you were a literary character who would you like to be?”. She answered, “Mr. Tagomi in Philip K. Dick’s novel “The Man In The High Castle”.

This got me thinking about who I would choose to be. I know that as a much smaller than average Year 5 boy I very much identified with the comic book character “Mighty Mouse”. As a teenager I graduated to “The Saint” who was a suave, resourceful and physically superb crimefighter – though in all honesty his ability to wake and be instantly alert and ready for action is something I have never possessed!

Which character were you, or who would you like to be? Was your “first love” a character in a book perhaps? Trixie Belden and Biggles are two that have been mentioned to me in conversation. I’d love to hear of others!


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