Perfume: The story of a murderer

This is another of the books I mentioned when chatting with Robbie Buck the other night.

First published in English in 1986 it is now available at $9.95 in the Popular Penguin series which all come with the original Penguin orange style covers – they look great.

It is the story of a murderer, of  life in 18th century Paris and France and of perfumes, odours and the sense of smell. It is an extaordinary tale and  I enjoyed it as much on re-reading it as on first reading. It is guaranteed to heighten your appreciation of the subtelties of perfumes. The story begins with the the birth of our villain in the very smelly Paris of the 18th century. He is born with an amazingly acute sense of smell. As we follow his life we learn much about life in Paris and Southern Francein those days. He becomes first a master perfumer and then a serial murderer as he seeks to create the perfect perfume.

The ending is the most exquisitely gruesome I have ever read! An unforgettable read!


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