A night in France with Robbie Buck on ABC 702

It was fun talking with Robbie on Tuesday night although the rain and traffic meant that I got to the studio just in time! Each of the four books we talked about had a French connection so his producer, Susan, had arranged for some French music as an introduction – a nice touch!

 The four books included fiction, non-fiction, contemporary and historical.The first was The Crowded Grave – a Bruno, Chief of Police mystery. Several of my bookselling colleagues had raved about Bruno and they were right to do so, he’s terrific. Based in the fictional town of St. Denis not far from Boreaux and St. Emilon Bruno loves good food, good wine and good company. In sharing his company we share his delight in the countryside and and some marvellous meals, which we also learn how to prepare!

But there is much more to Bruno than having a good time. He is an ex-soldier having served with paratroops and in Kosovo. So he knows how to handle himself – and he has to. Suddenly he has a a French/Spanish Summit on his patch which is threatened by Basque terrorists. Add to that a local archeological team which uncovers a far from ancient set of human bones and a bunch of animal activists threatening local foie gras farms and it’s time for action.

Reading Bruno is like having a good meal. The mystery is the main course but there are lots of lovely accompaniments.  Crowded Grave sells at $27.99 in large format paperback which is another reminder of how book prices have come down!



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One Response to A night in France with Robbie Buck on ABC 702

  1. queenwilly says:

    You’ve sold me! Bruno sounds great.

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