Paris To The Past: French history by train

I love this book. Ina Caro and her husband base themselves in a Paris apartment  and travel by train within and out of that great city. They visit and sometimes revisit Chartres, Reims, Versailles, Chantilly, Fountainbleu, Orleans and more – all day trips from Paris!

 Ina is particularly interested in French history and she weaves wonderful stories as she writes entertainingly about various aspects of the personalities, buildings, arts, crafts and societies of the ages.

Not all of us will necessarily follow her example of using binoculars to study individual carvings in cathedrals. In my case peering through binoculars as well as a camera could well lead to divorce! Nevertheless her excitement does rub off and I now have new places to visit and others to revisit and see through fresh eyes.

Anyone who has visited or is planning to visit France will find this book a wonderful stimulus and resource.

‘Paris to the Past ; Travelling Through French History By Train’ is in hardback at only $34.95.


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One Response to Paris To The Past: French history by train

  1. white fox says:

    I bought this book after your review and I’m loving it. Makes me want to go back to France to follow up some of Ina’s travels and to revisit others I’ve been to before as soon as I can!

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