Indulge yourself

Katy and Rowie Dillon in front of our Food and Wine section

So you thought gluten free was another way of saying bland. Let me introduce Rowie Dillon and her new book ‘Indulge’.

‘Indulge’ has 100 flavour full gluten free recipes which will leave you licking your lips AND full of energy!

Rowie dropped into Brays the other day and she brought a little box of her goodies with her so we can vouch for the flavour and Rowie herself is ample testament to the energy bit! There are lots of savoury recipes as well as wicked tasting sweet indulgences like the ones we sampled, or should that be scoffed!

We probably all know at least one person with a coeliac disease or food intolerance who needs to eat gluten free – what a great gift this book would be for them or for someone who cooks for them!


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