Do you know this man?

You might think “That’s Steve Martin, the actor” and you would be correct. But he is also Steve Martin the extremely talented writer and author of the novel ‘An Object of Beauty’!

Steve the writer first came to my notice when I saw his play ‘Picasso at the Lapin Agile’ which revolves around an imaginary meeting between Picasso and Albert Einstein in 1904. The dialogue is brilliant – so good I went a second time.

Steve’s novel, ‘An Object of Beauty’ is funny, insightful and moving. It follows the story of the young and beautiful and hugely ambitious Lacey Yaeger in the New York art world. It is highly entertaining and is clearly written with a deep understanding of art and the art world. Steve is almost obscenely multi-talented!

‘An Object of Beauty’ is available in paperback at $19.95.


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