Photographing Kate Grenville

Kate Grenville, who I’ve liked and admired for many years, dropped by last Monday because I wanted to photograph her for The Independent Book Guide.

We took a number of shots both in the shop and in my lounge room. I’m not sure which one we’ll use but Kate was keen to have a copy of the one published here as it has in the background a print of the Sydney Harbour Bridge which was painted by the father of a friend of hers. I guess there a quite a lot of these prints around but it’s still a bit of a coincidence.

I’m a big fan of Kate’s writing and am currently immersed in her latest ‘Sarah Thornhill’ which is a wonderful Australian historical fiction.

We talked about her next book, still in its formative stages, which will be much more contemporary. I’m can’t tell you much about it yet but I love the idea behind it and look forward to it immensely.


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