My current favourite book

Get ready for a big rave! I love Spain, I love Spanish food and I especially like SIMPLE Spanish food.

‘Gourmet Pilgrim Spain’ has it all. Wonderful food you can prepare easily at home, more complex dishes that require some time and care plus fabulous photos of Spain’s various regions along with descriptions of their place in the country’s culinary culture.

Check out the savoury Catalan flatbread (p. 344) for a simple’ having friends around’ luncheon dish,  the Raisin Crumb and Sweetbread Bake (p. 438) for an easy dessert, the so good and rich Lentil, Tomato and and Jamon Soup (p. 64) or the Calamari with Anchovy, Lemon and Thyme Stuffing (p. 214). Or indeed any of the hundreds of other great recipes.

This beautifully produced book, from an Australian publisher, comes in a re-usable storage tin (making a fabulous gift) and sells for $69.95.


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