Sometimes it’s NOT a hard life

 Being a bookseller presents many challenges and, happily, even more delights.I shared one of the delights with some fellow independent booksellers last weekend. There we were in beautiful sunshine enjoying an al fresco lunch with birdlife all around us in an olive grove just outside Mudgee. A stroll down to the Cudgegong River where the trout were rising ensured we had room for dessert. It was only when the kangaroos started to become active in the late afternoon that we realised it had been a very long lunch indeed and it was time to move on. 

The next day was somewhat more demanding. We had a five hour meeting discussing the details of our forthcoming Independent Book Guide. That was equal work and pleasure as we reviewed the truly fabulous range of books being published between now and Christmas! Definitely something for everybody. 

The Independent Book Guide contains news about books, authors, literary prizes and much more. It is produced by The NSW Independent Booksellers’ Group. 104,000 copies are distributed through The Sydney Morning Herald in November and a further 26,000 through the Group’s members.


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