Beethoven’s zipper?

Some years ago an unassuming elderly man regularly shopped at Brays for crime/mystery books. It took many months before we learnt that this ordinary man was actually someone quite extraordinary.

Richard Goldner, a professional viola player, fled Nazi Germany and arrived inAustralia in 1939. There wasn’t much demand for viola players and he began a business called Natty Novelties producing brooches and women’s belts among other items. 

Then in 1942 came an amazing call from the Australian War Office. Although classified as an enemy alien Goldner was called upon to invent a zipper that would operate in three dimensions and still work when smothered in mud. He did it and the successful patent was to lead to financial comfort. 

Goldner used that comfort to create Musica Viva, one of the most successful promoters of classical music in the world. 

The story of this amazing man is told in the book ‘Beethoven and The Zipper’ by Suzanne Baker.

 Suzanne contacted me recently to tell me that two film producers were so taken with Richard’s story that they wanted to film it. Watch out for a big announcement very soon!


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