The Secret In Their Eyes

This is wonderful crime/mystery novel by Eduardo Sacheri has already been made into an Oscar Winning film taking out  Best Foreign Film. The book has now been translated from the original Spanish and will be available in bookshops in a few weeks. 

The Secret In Their Eyes vividly evokes 1970’s Buenos Aries and the dark underpinnings of Argentina’s Dirty War, a period of state sponsored political violence when thousands of people ‘disappeared’. Even today there are frequent demonstrations in Buenos Aries by the ‘mothers of the disappeared’. I have seen them on the streets and before football matches and the passion is clear to see.

The main character of the novel, Benjamin Chaparo, has just retired from his position as deputy clerk of an investigative court so he knows a lot about how justice works and doesn’t work. He sets out to write a book about a case which has haunted him for decades – the  brutal murder of a beautiful young woman.

As Chaparo reaches into the past we learn about the lives of those entangled in the case, the honest police, the corrupt police, the desolate husband of the murdered woman, the murderer. And we learn about Chaparo himself and his private drama, a long standing unrequited love.

This is not a fast paced, shoot-em-up style thriller. It begins slowly, draws you along and then hits you with an absolutely stunning conclusion.


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