Loving Australian Writing


    Reflecting recently on new books I’ve really enjoyed, I realized a number of them were by Australian authors and all very “Australian” in quite different ways….

I was really moved and utterly engaged by winner of the PM’s award for non-fiction, “The Hard Light of Day” by Rod Moss, a fascinating account of the artist’s experiences living at close quarters with a local indigenous community at Alice Springs.

Then there was “Indelible Ink” set in inner Sydney about a middle-aged woman at the crossroads in life. Sad but also very funny and wise, AND has me planning my first tattoo.

I really liked Craig Sherborne’s “Amateur Science of Love” set in the real  rural Australia some of us have experienced. It reminded me of country town life in Rosalie Ham’s “The Dressmaker” the author whose new book….. 

“There Should Be More Dancing” I found incredibly poignant, yet had me laughing out loud. She captures the vernacular of suburban Melbourne so succinctly.

Mandy Sayer’s latest novel “Love in the Time of Lunacy” is a wonderful evocation of wartime Australiaand the jazz scene- a delightful tale.

Have just read and thoroughly enjoyed Kate Grenville’s latest, Sarah Thornhill”, set in early colonial Australia and reviewed here recently.

Finally, have been lucky enough to read a  proof copy of the next Alex Miller book, “Autumn Laing”, inspired by Janine Burke’s biography of Sunday Reed, and  the art set of 1950s. I LOVED this novel and will review it at length nearer to its October release.


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