Chatting with Robbie Buck on ABC 702

Last Tuesday night week I chatted with Robbie Buck on ABC 702. , about books of course! Robbie is great to talk with as he has a very quick mind and he reads a lot. I was reviewing three books which have been or which I believe could be turned into terrific films. Good films and good books have so much in common. Robbie quickly picked up on the most important element – a good story! People that story with interesting characters and you are well on the way to success. Then comes location. Location is perhaps not so essential for a book but is virtually a ‘must have’ for a film.

The three books I talked about each have these three elements in spades.

They are; The Secret In Their Eyes, All That I Am and The Language of Flowers.

The Language of Flowers has already been posted in these pages and I’m adding the other two tonight.


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One Response to Chatting with Robbie Buck on ABC 702

  1. Helen says:

    Delighted that ‘Sir James’ has now been acknowledged for his obvious input and commitment to Brays Books and food.

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