A Journey in Reading

Don’t you love the way books can take you on a journey- into further reading.

Having  just devoured Alex Miller’s fabulous new  novel, “Autumn Laing”, I was straightaway compelled to read the biography of Sunday Reed which inspired it, Janine Burke’s “The Heart Garden”.

   I was also prompted to re-visit the works of Rimbaud and Rilke who so caught the imagination of the characters at the heart of both the novel and the biography.

   In turn I have begun dipping into folios on the artists of this period encountered in the books- Tucker, Perceval, Hester, the Boyds and so on.

   And finally “The Heart Garden” has steered me in another direction, that of gardening, and I’ve been dipping into an old book on my shelves about that pioneer of Australian gardening, Edna Walling.

   Has the journey come to an end? Perhaps, but what an exhilarating journey it’s been.

 “Autumn Laing” is due to be released in next month in hardback @ $39.95

 “The Heart Garden” is available in PB @ $19.95

Perhaps you have been on a reading journey. We’d love to hear about it! It could be a short one or a long one. Maybe you read a novel and then just had to read about the history of an era. Or maybe you had to read more of the same author. Did you discover a gem through ‘having’ to read a book club choice? Let us know, share the journey.


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