Good Food Guide Awards Night Report

I’m just in from The SMH Good Food Guide’s Awards Night and as expected it was a glittering affair.

There was quite a Balmain Peninsular presence. I caught up with ex-Balmain resident  the delightful Kylie Kwong and happily her restaurant ‘Billy Kwong’ retained its hatted status.

Bird Cow Fish started in Balmain before moving to Surry Hills. Bird’s owner Alex Herbert was delighted to retain her hat. The kids were being looked after in Balmain tonight by grandma!

It was good to chat with local resident Mark Best , he is such a warm and friendly bloke. His restaurant ‘Marque’ retained its exalted 3 Hat status. Congratulation! Mark has a great cookbook coming out soon. Watch for it!

And congratulations to the team at Rozelle’s Rosso Pomodoro for taking out the Best BYO Restaurant Award. Fabulous!

Kumar Mahadevan couldn’t stop smiling after his new restaurant at Wooloomooloo Wharf had been awarded a hat. Kumar also has the renowned Indian restaurant ‘Abhi’s’ in Concord where my partner Sue worked for some years. The two restaurants are named after Kumar and Suba’s sons.

I grabbed a quick word with Guillaume Brahimi. He has a cookbook on the way with an interesting twist. He takes us to various house parties where he has prepared the food and gives us the menus. So, if you want to hold the perfect lunch or dinner check it out – it can all be cooked at home.

I also grabbed a quick word with Christine Manfield and her publisher Julie Gibb. Christine has a fabulous, fabulous book coming -‘Tasting India’. Buy it for the food. Buy it for the fantastic photographs of India. Just buy it!

Sour taste of the night. As always there were a number of self important halfwits who thought their personal conversations were much more important than listening to the awards. Good manners and respect seem to be beyond them. 

That’s it till next year!


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